Sheila Seppi

Sheila Seppi is a soul exchange walk-in.  She entered into the body of a 38-year old mother with three children and was immediately healed from documented illnesses and took on a new personality with spiritual gifts and memories she didn't even believe in. Her life was transformed, and she has never been the same.

She is an author of "Walk-Ins Cosmology of the Soul," and soon to be published "Cosmic Convergence: Journeys of Walk-Ins, Starseeds and Hybrids,"  an international speaker, multidimensional life coach, holographic grid alchemist, regression therapist, light language and shamanic practitioner, and a spiritual teacher. She works the higher dimensional frequencies to empower others to embrace their own multidimensional aspects through a variety of services.

Sheila is the Founder of The Galactic Alliance, SpiritWay Ministries, and Conscious Awakening Network where she has a recurring series Cosmic Conversations, Conscious Awakening Series, and Beyond the Skyline.