Speakers / Presenters

We are in the first stages of planning for this important event.

We have some amazing speakers planned.

Phyllis Anne/Vox Angelus

"Voice of the Angel", an Invocational Vocal Artist and Spiritual Medium, bringing through music and wisdom beyond the New Age, from higher dimensions. As a direct and embodied conduit for the consciousness of Elohim, I'm able to receive and transcribe the highest, Heavenly Sound Signatures of sacred design and creation.

Dina Faye Gilmore

Co-Founder of this conference, co-author of four publications on self-healing and awareness.  Award winning filmmaker, director, and photographer.  Founder of Southern Fried Psychics. 

Sheila Seppi

Sheila Seppi is an author of "Walk-Ins Cosmology of the Soul," and soon to be published "Cosmic Convergence: Journeys of Walk-Ins, Starseeds and Hybrids," an international speaker, multidimensional life coach, holographic grid alchemist, regression therapist, light language and shamanic practitioner, and a spiritual teacher. She works the higher dimensional frequencies to empower others to embrace their own multidimensional aspects through a variety of services.

Sheila is the Founder of The Galactic Alliance, SpiritWay Ministries, and Conscious Awakening Network where she has a recurring series Cosmic Conversations, Conscious Awakening Series, and Beyond the Skyline.

Andena Sanada Kumara 

Andena Sananda Kumara (aka Angela Anderson) lives her truth, Soul Integrated, as an Embodied and Heart-Centered Conduit of Divine Frequency; activating, within those in resonance, a many-fold experience, sparking awareness of the Innate Truth of the Human Collective Beingness as Extension, or Fractal, of the Divine Source of ALL Creation in Manifest Physical Form. 

Brian Mears

Co-Founder of this conference, visionary artist, light language activator, acupuncturist, father and community leader.      

Abigail Mensahbonsu-Ulmer

Abigail Mensah-Bonsu is an Elevated Consciousness and Divine Feminine Leadership and Embodiment Mentor, Goddess Activator, Multidimensional Healer, #1 Bestselling Publisher, and Author. She is also the host of the Sovereign Divinity podcast.

Shanna Tippit

Medium, Light Language Activator, Light Worker who brings people together through fairs, retreats, podcasts, and blogs. Owner of Gypsy Soul Fair, Simply Soul Retreats, Simply Soul Podcast, and Gypsy Angel Creations. 

Sharon Varner

Sharon Varner is Reiki Master, Intuitive, Hypnotherapist, Inner-Child Healer, Vibrational Sound Healer, and House of Light Priestess. Sharon grounds her teachings and healing sessions in the idea that vibrational sound can help create sacred spaces in the body, the home and in landscapes.

Patricia walls

Co-Founder of this conference, author of three Light Language and six self-help published books.  Also, collaborative co-author of three published books.  Artist, medium, mentor, teacher, keynote speaker, facilitator of light language immersion retreats and courses.